4 ways you can Whatsapp within your sales department now

Last Updated : February 22, 2023 — Sales

Every sale starts with a conversation.

And with everything shifting from traditional means to online journeys, car dealers no longer have the luxury of waiting for customers to call their dealerships or come into their showrooms.

The first point of contact happens long before the potential buyer comes in for a test drive, it happens online.

While most dealerships today rely on digital channels to convey information to customers, many are still stuck in a loophole of phone calls, emails and (occasionally)SMSs.

On the other hand, digital communication has moved forward towards WhatsApp with 2 billion people actively using it every month to interact with family, friends, and businesses.

Rather than being reactive and waiting for buyers to come to you, you can integrate WhatsApp into your website and be proactive with your client comms. By initiating contact while the buyer is starting their search for information, you are more likely to keep them engaged throughout the customer journey.

Adding WhatsApp to your online showroom is just one of the 4 ways you can introduce WhatsApp into your sales journey.


#1 – WhatsApp CTAs for onsite conversion

Introducing WhatsApp as a call-to-action (CTA) button on your website can be a highly effective strategy to improve website conversion rates while at the same time delivering a modern user experience.

By adding a WhatsApp button, you can make it easier for potential customers to contact you directly and quickly. Providing guidance to a buyer through WhatsApp as they’re familiarizing themselves with your stock allows you to take note of all their wants and needs from the get-go.
From there you’re just one message away from a test ride or delivering a quote, all within the same conversation. Saving your customers’ time saves you time and money while increasing customer satisfaction.

And can lead to more sales.

Additionally, the immediacy of WhatsApp messaging allows car dealers to respond to inquiries in real-time, helping to establish trust with potential customers and providing them with a positive customer experience.

By incorporating WhatsApp as a CTA button, you can optimize your website for lead generation – especially on mobile (where forms are proven to have the least success), increase your conversion rates and shorten the time it takes to connect prospects with sales reps.


#2 – Continuing conversations via WhatsApp

Live Chat has been around for a very long time when it comes to internet years. And as we move towards adopting new channels, live chat still continues to play an important role in website engagement.

When car buyers are on your website and need support they demand quick answers which live chat is usually good at providing. But just like a website session – when the visitor leaves your site, the chat usually ends there.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

With WhatsApp, you can continue conversations that were started on other channels, such as live chat long after a prospect has left your site. Allowing you to maintain a seamless conversation with customers by allowing them to move from one platform to another without any interruptions.

By using WhatsApp to continue conversations started on other channels, you can retain uninterrupted contact with your prospect to progress the sale, provide a better user experience and increase the likelihood of converting visitors into leads and ultimately sales.


#3 – Video calls and screen sharing through WhatsApp

Digital showrooms & online sales are replacing the in-person showroom experience. And since the COVID-19 pandemic Video conference tools like Zoom & Google Meet have become common staples of day-to-day life for consumers leading to more consumers wanting to engage dealers remotely from the comfort of their homes.

With Video Chat and Screen Share via WhatsApp your sales teams can demo cars straight from their mobile and engage customers face-to-face, remotely throughout the buying journey. Allowing you to bring your showroom directly to customers.

Meaning you can instantly build trust, Handle inquiries and sales requests in a visual format and widen your reach of customers.


#4 – Promotion campaigns straight to their mobiles

Wish you could get better open rates on your email campaigns? After all, what good is an offer if 80% of the customers you email it to don’t see it.

With WhatsApp’s outbound capabilities making it the perfect tool for promotional campaigns, you can get your offers in front of more eyeballs than ever before.

From special offers to test drive bookings to servicing reminders, WhatsApp lets you turn every campaign into a conversation guaranteed to be seen. So you can boost repeat business and achieve conversion rates that you’ve never seen before.


Considering trialling WhatsApp in your sales funnel?

Web1on1’s automotive messaging platform provides you with a simple way to introduce WhatsApp into your dealership, helping you boost conversion rates, stay ahead of the competition and develop stronger, long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Schedule a call with one of our WhatsApp experts on and find out more about how adding WhatsApp to your sales toolkit can shift your business and processes up a gear in 2023.


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