Fewer phone calls since WhatsApping with customers_

Last Updated : December 7, 2020 — After Sales

WhatsApp makes in-service communication much more efficient. Read below the experiences of one of our customers currently using it along with additional advantages of texting.


Customer’s experience

Hey Daniel, you’ve been using WhatsApp for in-service messaging at Van Poelgeest BMW for a few months now. What have been your experiences?

Daniel, Service Advisor at Van Poelgeest:

“Firstly, Service Advisors previously had to walk back and forth between the counter and their workplace. This is not the case anymore as we mainly text with customers rather than calling them”

“We’ve also found it very useful that everything is written in black and white within the conversation. Clear for colleagues and for the customer”

“We’re also now texting quotes. Our customers can then read them at their convenience and getting sign-off is a lot faster now that we don’t have to call back and forth.”


And everyone is equally enthusiastic?

Daniel: “When I look at my own colleagues in our front and back office, age is a factor. The experienced colleagues sometimes want to pick up the phone, because they are so used to it. I hear from my younger colleagues that they find working with Web1on1 very easy”.


Advantages of WhatsApping with customers

• In the back pocket of your customers
• Your messages are always read
• Contact search is easy
• Sending a video or photo is super simple
• Give customers personal attention
• Messaging customers gives them confidence in your dealership


Live inside your customer’s WhatsApp contact list

To be a dealer inside the contact list of your customers is a privilege. Because just like with online banking, once you’re there it’s easier for you to communicate with each other. Now and in the future.

The advantages of messaging via WhatsAppare evident; no back-and-forth calls; quick approval for additional work and a positive customer experience.




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