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Last Updated : December 14, 2020 — After Sales

Put your garage’s booking system on autopilot with conversational appointment booking via WhatsApp and let customers fill your workshop up themselves. Want to see how? Book a meeting with a Web1on1 WhatsApp expert.


The way car owners book workshop appointments has changed…

1. They’re booking appointments themselves online rather than calling or emailing in

2. Almost 50% of customers book appointments outside of your garage’s working hours

3. They book via mobile


And despite this change in the way consumers book workshop appointments, most garages deliver a frictional journey not fit for today’s consumer.

Filled with friction, multiple touch points and doesn’t benefit you or them.

It’s time to rethink appointment booking experience…


Booking in a car for service via mobile

Friction-less and designed for today’s mobile first car owner


A conversational experience for your garage

Messaging-first Invitations
Invite customers to book an appointment and be kept up to date on their vehicle’s repair and status through messages via the channels they use daily

Share more than just words
Take advantage of the channel’s functionality and keep users informed with images and videos of their car and the repairs need (if any)

Speed up the approval and payment time
Incorporate invoicing into your conversational flow and speed up the time it takes to get repairs approved and paid for

Delight and follow-up
Complete the journey with auto notifications that the car is ready for collection and follow-ups and discover just how satisfied customers are with the new conversational experience


Join some of the garages already automating their booking process with WhatsApp


Benefits of a messaging first approach

  • Quick and convenient responses
  • Improved customer experience
  • Lower costs with a self-service approach
  • Workshop planning becomes more spread and easier to coordinate


Put your garage booking system on autopilot today

Speak with a Web1on1 Specialist

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