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Last Updated : December 3, 2020 — After Sales

Sometimes the introduction of new software provides a nice additional benefit. For example, a Web1on1 customer who recently introduced WhatsApp Business messaging said that discussions about additional work are a thing of the past.

Nice for the dealer, nice for the rider. Because a price discussion is stress that we want to avoid.


Simple communication

“7 out of 10 customers would rather text a company than call them. And 98% of your customers consent, if you ask them at the counter if you can start a conversation with them on Whatsapp”.

At Van Poelgeest BMW, a Whatsapp conversation is now started with all customers who report at the counter, so that communication can be easily done during the service.

Daniel, Service Advisor at Van Poelgeest:
“Before we used Web1on1, we always called customers to coordinate additional work. Then you sometimes had a discussion about what had been agreed. Now that we Whatsapp with customers, that is no longer an issue. Everything is now black and white. That provides clarity and less hassle”.


Customers prefer to text

“My customers think whatsapp texting is positive, they find it easy. When they receive a task of additional work via Whatsapp, they can view it quietly and respond when it suits them. And that is much faster than calling” (Daniël, aftersales Van Poelgeest).


Benefits of Whatsapp during maintenance appointments:

• Full transparency for customer and dealer
• Ability to share photos and videos
• Nature of work, reason and extra costs are clearly described
• The customer’s agreement is written in black and white
• Your customer can respond when it suits them and will receive a quick answer
• Quick agreement on additional work


Just like online banking

Being a dealer in the contact list of your customers is a privilege. Because just like with online banking, once they have found their way, it is easier for them and you to communicate. Now, during the maintenance and at future appointments.

The advantages of this approach are evident; no back-and-forth calls; quick approval for additional work and a positive customer experience.


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