6 reasons your sales team shouldn’t be WhatsApping clients privately_

Last Updated : December 7, 2020 — WhatsApp Business

Stay on the right side of GDPR and deliver a consistent experience for your customers by introducing conversational sales.


It’s a GDPR compliance

By now we’ve all heard about the gigantic fines the EU can issue for not being GDPR compliant. Having your sales team message clients privately makes staying on the right side of GDPR difficult.

Especially when they’re using their personal phones to message clients as it increases the number of locations where customer data is stored.


There’s no transparency

To have your sales function running smoothly you want to have an oversight of your prospects and where they’re at in the buying journey.

Privately WhatsApping customers makes it difficult to track who’s currently being engaged by a sales rep and increases the likelihood of doubling communications to those customers.


Difficult to ensure consistency

In the perfect buying experience you want customers to get the same experience each time they engage with your brand. Regardless of who they speak to.

Private WhatsApping makes this difficult as you can’t ensure best practices are being observed.

A quality assurance nightmare we’re sure you want to avoid.


Unable to hand over conversations

Conversations are fluid. What might start off as a back and forth about car details could quickly escalate to a purchase.

How do you hand over the conversation to the relevant person when the buyer is ready to move to the next stage of the buying journey?


You can’t ensure response times

Delivering a quality experience involves ensuring customers are responded to in a speedy manner in line with your promised service levels.


When the inevitable happens…

Let’s face it. As much as we’d love it, your sales team won’t be available all the time. They may go on annual leave, be off sick or worse… work somewhere else.

Customers are online 24/7 and in this new on-demand world they expect you to be contactable immediately.


Communicating with your customer professionally starts with a professional app-solution


“It’s impossible to train a team of 400 sales reps if they message customers with their private WhatsApp”.

Adams – Online manager at Van Mossel Automotive Groep


Benefit of WhatsApp Business for car sales

• You can communicate with customers on the channel they use every day
• Real-time follow-up
• Over 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened in the first 5 minutes
• Avoid constant back and forth calls
• You can send videos and images of cars over WhatsApp


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