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Last Updated : December 10, 2020 — Sales

Replace those low open rate email notifications you send with updates via consumers’ favourite messaging channels with Web1on1 and turn notifications into new opportunities. Want to see how?


“Messages sent via SMS and WhatsApp have a 98% open rate compared to only 20% for email”


Drive up customer satisfaction with messaging

In today’s crowded, noisy marketplace, it’s hard to be heard. And while there’s still no substitute for building an engaged email list, the best dealerships and service centres are constantly looking for new ways to get an edge over their competition. Messaging is a new means for turning the various notifications you send into conversational experiences for your customers. And better yet. It’s a quick and simple way to boost customer satisfaction.


Turn any routine notification into a conversational experience

Delivery confirmation

There’s no better moment than finding out your new car is ready for collection (or better yet being dropped off to your doorstep). Supercharge that experience with an automated conversation and collect more information than you possibly could with just an email.


Car repair update

Keep customers in the loop with how their repair or service is going and notify them in real-time should any unexpected issues arise. Once all is done, end the conversation by arranging collection and watch your customers leave with a smile.


New deals update

Did you know the average car buyer changes cars every 2-3 years? Keep your database of customers in the loop with your latest deals via messaging delivered updates and turn replies into new sales opportunities for your sales team.


But wait… Is this scalable? Will I need extra resources to do this?

In a nutshell: Yes and no (…unless you want to). The future of digital automotive engagement is heading towards a world where the majority of conversations are automated. AI bots have the ability to handle appointment booking, provide self-service transactions, and yes, notify customers with updates.

But let’s face it humans remain essential to the process, so with Web1on1’s automotive platform you can orchestrate seamless bot-to-human hand-offs. Allowing you to scale the number of conversational experiences you deliver without having to scale your team.


Turn ignored customer notifications into engaging conversational experiences today with Web1on1

Talk to a messaging expert and get a demo.

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