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Last Updated : December 7, 2020 — WhatsApp Business

Deliver the same frictionless experience to every customer across your dealership with WhatsApp Business API.


Choosing the right WhatsApp solution for your Dealership

7 out of 10 car shoppers would rather talk to your dealership via WhatsApp than phone. That’s a hard statistic to ignore. And with over 2 billion users, it’s no surprise that a growing number of dealerships are adopting WhatsApp as their automotive messaging channel. But with 3 solution offerings from WhatsApp Inc, it’s key to choose the right solution for your dealership:


WhatsApp Solutions


Whatsapp Private Whatsapp Whatsapp Business Solution (API)
Typical use Private Small business Business
Technology Mobile Mobile app API
GDPR compliant
Pricing Free Free Paid


WhatsApp for Business

Tailored specifically for teams, WhatsApp for business empowers your dealership to connect with car shoppers at scale. It’s software functionality allows you to send and receive large volumes of messages daily. As well as support unlimited users and devices. And with features like routing and message filtering you can set up you WhatsApp programme to mirror your phone system. Making it possible for you to deliver the same messaging to every customer at scale.


WhatsApp for small Business

WhatsApp for small business lets you connect with customers directly from your personal Device. As the service is tied to one number and device, call routing and creating overflows aren’t possible with WhatsApp for small business.. WhatsApp for business has a separate app making it easily distinguishable from private whatsapp on the same device. And features like quick replies and out of hours messages help speed up response times. Ideal for small businesses and teams who don’t mind sharing one device between them.


WhatsApp Private

The WhatsApp we all recognise and use personally in our everyday. While it allows you to message clients directly, it’s widely regarded as not suitable for business use and poses the biggest GDPR risk for your dealership… as well as the risk of embarrassment if you mistake a client conversation with a personal one.


How suited the 3 WhatsApp Solutions are for your dealership

WhatsApp for Business WhatsApp for small Business Private WhatsApp
GDPR  Compliant
Conversation Forwarding
Message routing
Create Service levels & Overflow
Out of office notification
Conversation history



The benefits of implementing WhatsApp for Business for your dealership

• Engage customers on the platforms they want
• Reduce back and forth phone calls
• Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Faster repair approval
• Send vehicle images and videos in addition to updates
• Faster customer response times


Deliver a unified and scalable WhatsApp Experience for your dealership

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