WhatsApp instead! Check out our new dealer solution to take pressure off your phones

Last Updated : December 13, 2022 — WhatsApp Business

Do you recognise this? There seems to be no end to the flow of inbound calls and requests. With most calls being about the same simple questions. But customers hang on hold before they can ask their question and experience friction. Not an ideal situation for anyone.

So the pressure on customer contact teams within dealerships is high. The result? Response times get longer, not shorter. And the costly channel “telephony” is used where it is not necessary or optimal/ideal.


Challenge for dealers

Sales, service and after-sales teams face a big challenge. Because how do you better capture customer queries and increase your reachability?

The answer? Getting customers to contact you through WhatsApp Business. This is the fastest way to permanently reduce phone calls. Contact remains personal, but with messages instead of calls. WhatsApp also offers you a contact solution outside opening hours and at peak times. For example, with automatic messages.


More calls by the same team

Every dealership needs an automotive messaging tool. Linked to your website, CRM, LMS and workshop system. That’s Web1on1’s tip for marketers, contact centres, sales and after-sales directors who recognise this and are looking for the solution.

Web1on1’s automotive messaging tool was developed specifically for this purpose. Aside from LiveChat, WhatsApp is currently the most popular. But you can also switch between WhatsApp, e-mail, chat, SMS or even video calls with your customer. Automatic messages can even be sent from linked systems. Everything arrives neatly in the right customer call with an overview in a central multi-channel inbox.


Increase your leads by using WhatsApp


Call and email? WhatsApp instead!

Calls can only be made to one customer at a time. With WhatsApp, an employee is not ‘stuck’ on one call. Messaging is faster. In a good automotive messaging platform, most answers are readily available. When a visitor is not on the website, you can be reached via WhatsApp. People can always ask their questions. This also makes it a good replacement for web forms and e-mail.


Is WhatsApp suitable for every department?

Yes, is our experience. Especially for sales, service and after sales. The type of question does not matter. Web1on1’s software recognises the subject. With smart routing, it automatically links the message to the right team.

Is no one available? Then other teams receive a notification according to pre-selected rules. A question always ends up in the right place.

WhatsApp can also remain active outside opening hours. Our WhatsApp bots can be utilised to help your customers. For example, by asking which department or branch they want to contact. Or by showing an out-of-office message that customers can respond to. The out-of-hours message can then be picked up the next day.


Examples for dealers

Web1on1’s vision is simple: conversations beat calls and emails. Our automotive messaging platform makes this possible. By turning questions into conversations. How do dealers use the tool?

Some examples:

  • Sales reps see a notification when a customer has read a message, such as a WhatsApp. A quotation sent, for example, can then be followed up immediately.
  • Service advisers can automatically send appointment reminders via WhatsApp. During the day, the status of the car can be emailed back and forth.

The sales and after-sales conversations as well as the corresponding appointments can be read back by colleagues.

Web1on1 can be used by any dealer because it’s linked to all the popular lead management and customer contact systems as well as other well-known workshop planning and appointment systems.


Want to know more?

Contact us for questions, no-obligation information or an online demo. Email: hello@web1on1.chat

With the Web1on1 Automotive Messaging Platform, you solve these topics within dealerships, among others:

  • Always be available. Even at peak times and outside opening hours
  • Scalable communication with customers across multiple departments
  • Giving customers their preferred communication channel
  • Generating more leads from website visits, portals and marketing campaigns
  • Better lead qualification because phone number and context of the question are known
  • Keeping customer conversations going. Even when customers are not online.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better accessibility and accessible contact
  • Replacing web forms and mail with customer contact through conversations
  • Manage business calls in a GDPR-proof web-based platform instead of via private phones

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