Why you need live chat now more than ever_

Last Updated : December 10, 2020 — Sales

Spoiler alert: It’s crucial to the early stages of the car buying journey. Speak with an automotive live chat specialist to learn more.


Where does live chat fit into this messaging era?

Live Chat has been around for a very long time when it comes to internet years. And as we move towards adopting new messaging channels such as Messenger and WhatsApp it’s understandable why some say live chat is becoming obsolete. But the reality is, live chat continues to play an important role in website conversion.


Low commitment channel
Not every car buyer is willing to share their details when browsing your website or wanting to get information on a particular car or deal. Especially when they’re early in the buying journey. Engaging on live chat is the easiest way for the buyer to engage your dealership without giving up their anonymity.


Conversion optimisation tool
We all know how painful forms can be. They convert poorly, add friction to the car buying journey and lead to large drop offs. Live chat can be a great tool to replace forms, inviting website visitors to engage in a conversation instead and guiding them through the early stages of the buying journey. Adding an outbound messaging feature that invites visitors into a conversation only further optimises your online showroom’s conversion rate.


On-site experience
When car buyers are on your website and need support (or have an objection) they demand quick answers with live chat, you can answer their questions immediately. Eliminating doubts and replicating online the same experience that buyer would have had with a member of your team if they walked into the showroom.


Preferred over email and phone
79% of consumers say they prefer live chat purely because of the immediacy it offers compared to other channels. And 77% of consumers won’t make a purchase on a website if there’s no live chat option available. Those are hard stats to ignore and despite talks of live chat becoming obsolete, it’s clear that car buyers still want the option when engaging with your dealership.


“Customers want a low barrier to entry when communicating with your dealership”


Live chat is messaging

Albeit site based messaging. And just as you wouldn’t consider getting rid of phone or email (despite both being in decline), live chat is a staple of messaging and one of the first touch points between car buyers and your dealership.

How your dealership benefits from a live chat & messaging combo

• Low barrier-to-entry communication with car buyers

• More engagement earlier in the car buying journey

• Friction-less customer experience

• Higher conversion rates

• A more seamless transition from live chat to messaging compared to other channels


Future-proof your dealership with the live chat – messaging combo your customers want

Speak with an automotive live chat specialist.


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