Workshop appointment: from calling to apps_

Last Updated : December 3, 2020 — After Sales

18 million passes per year. 1 million of these are scheduled via the online workshop module. Only 1-in-18, dealers would like to see that different.


What is the friction of the online workshop module?

• You must enter your car details (while your license plate is known)
• You must enter all your contact details (these are also usually known)
• Your appointment is ultimately not final, confirmation will follow later

All in all, not exactly frictionless and consumers always look for the least resistance. Calling is easier. You will be recognized (at least based on your license plate :)). You will look for a suitable moment together and easily communicate any details. Confirmed immediately, ready immediately.

It is not surprising that customers keep calling (I do it myself).


Prefer to app

7 out of 10 consumers say they prefer texting to calling. We can give them that and solve 2 frictions at the same time.

• We can recognize the consumer (for now and the future)
• We can recognize his car

Scheduling an appointment is therefore no more than choosing a date and time (and replacement transport). The conversation itself can be done fully automatically, with a chatbot linked to your workshop planning system or DMS.


Just like online banking

Being a dealer in the contact list of your customers is a privilege. Because just like with online banking, once they have found their way, it is easier for them and you to communicate. Now, during the turn and at future appointments.


Benefiting from Conversational Aftersales?

Discuss the possibilities for your organization: contact one of our experts.

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