Making Car Brand processes conversational_

Whether your customers are shopping around, buying, or in need of service, messaging makes interactions cheaper, better and faster.

Engage your website visitors

Car shoppers appreciate guided shopping. Getting answers to their questions in real time helps drive their customer journey forward. And that means higher conversion rates.

Car shoppers use messaging at every stage of the customer journey.

Pre-purchase Purchase Post-purchase
84% 74% 79%
Requesting info or advice Buying, booking How-tos, comments

Forget web forms

Marketers tell us web forms hardly convert into sales leads. Replacing them with chatbots multiplies response rates. The secret? Chatbots are mobile-friendly. And phones are the best way to reach drivers – your buyers!

Turn calls into conversations

Are you a fan of automated phone systems and waiting in queues? Neither are your customers! Why not offer them a way out? With our call-to-messaging solution, they can opt to receive a conversational link, so they can leave the queue and continue the conversation on a messaging channel. You’ll reduce inbound calls and save costs.

Relevance in customer service over time: phone and email communication versus messaging.

Get conversational commerce working for you

As consumers spend increasing amounts of time on their mobile phones, more and more automotive processes are becoming conversational:

  • Lead generation
  • CSAT surveys
  • Roadside assistance
  • Service invitations
  • Recalls
  • Invoice sharing
  • Mobile payment requests

All of them can be dealt with through messaging.

Why choose Web1on1 over generic messaging solutions?

Out-of-the-box automotive integrations

Automotive best practices you’ll profit from

Deep knowledge of the automotive customer journey

Automotive intent and entity recognition (AI)

Expert human agents

High-performing, monitored automotive chatbots

Cars that talk to drivers

OEM-dealership conversation transfers

Can a car be an online “friend”? Yes! Cars can initiate conversations over social messaging channels. In technical terms, conversational IoT makes total sense. Who needs another app? Instead, use conversational interfaces to get connected cars talking to drivers.

Our AMP™ can serve as your platform.

Conversations on brand websites often require dealership follow-up. Web1on1’s Automotive Messaging Platform (AMP)™ facilitates conversation transfers between partners, allowing dealerships to continue the conversation seamlessly.

Web1on1 integrates with your dealers’ systems, bridging the gap between organisations.

Conversation design

We know better than anyone how to help your chatbots communicate with car shoppers and drivers. So you can talk to people in a natural, human, friendly way, via a bot personality that fits the identity of your organisation.

We’re certified specialists in conversation design – a new skill that brings together technology, psychology and copywriting.

Onboarding, training, supervision, performance management Creating, managing and optimising your chatbots Creating, managing and optimising your chatbots – in the end, it’s not really so different from onboarding a human agent. It’s all in good hands with Web1on1.

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