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Sr. Google Cloud (DevOps) Engineer Remote Job Product / Tech

Sr. Google Cloud (DevOps) Engineer

Job description

At Web1on1 we are continuously upgrading our Google Cloud environment to support our Automotive Messaging Platform. Therefore, we are looking for an experienced System/Cloud (DevOps) Engineer to complement our fully remote team.

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Your role

As a Google Cloud Engineer at Web1on1 you’ll drive both the design of our current Google Cloud Services, and that of our automated CI/CD pipelines for our future plans. Bring our GCP infrastructure to the next level by making sure our messaging platform remains easy to deploy, maintain and monitor, while also building new services. You will be working alongside the development team, to architect and provision GCP using Infra as Code.

You enjoy doing this:

  1. Working in an agile team, and working with innovative solutions
  2. Technical implementation of the latest technologies
  3. Solving problems as a hands-on specialist
  4. Help your fellow engineers to plan for tomorrow and work towards a plan for the next steps
  5. Dealing with complex cases related to cloud, CI/CD, Infra as Code, containerisation and more.
  6. Finding solutions with stakeholders and specifying the implementation details
  7. Sharing knowledge, taking ownership of outcomes


Skills and experience required

  1. 5+ years experience with Linux system engineering and security.
  2. Experienced with Cloud Solutions; GCP (in production).
  3. Experienced with containerisation (Docker and Kubernetes).
  4. Experienced with Infrastructure as Code (Ansible and Terraform).
  5. Experienced with setting up monitoring, alerting.
  6. Experienced with CI/CD and tooling.
  7. Experienced with Bash and JavaScript (Nodejs).
  8. Experienced sharing your knowledge in the team, being able to make decisions and consult on tech.
  9. Excellent verbal and written English communication skills is a must.
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