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I’m bringing the showroom to the homes of our customers by creating video call bookings around the clock.

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Give customers the option to book a virtual demo at a time that’s convenient for them

Today’s buyer-centric reality means dealerships are having to adapt to operating on the customer’s terms or risk losing out. With the Book a Virtual Test Drive option you can provide car buyers the opportunity to request a virtual test drive at a time that works for them without having to be available 24/7.


Deliver a form-free experience

Maintain the car buyer’s joy of demo-ing a new car by replacing painful forms with an engaging bot that gets them closer to seeing their dream car.


An enjoyable mobile experience

More car buyers than ever are landing on your vehicle pages via mobile. And if there’s one thing we all know it’s that forms are painful to fill in, especially on mobile. The Book a Virtual Test Drive bot is built specifically with your mobile users in mind allowing them to easily request a virtual demo and progress through to your team from their device.


Include demos in your outbound campaigns

Integrate the bot with your CRM or outbound campaign and trigger the bot to proactively invite prospects to book a virtual demo of cars you have on offer.


A car viewing experience for today’s reality

Make arranging a virtual test drive seamless and give car buyers the opportunity to experience the in-dealership experience from the comfort of their home with the Book a Virtual Test Drive option.


Get started in two simple steps

• Install the bot via the Bot Store in your messaging platform (or make a request to your account manager)
• Watch the demo requests roll in.

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