WhatsApp Dispatcher Bot

I’m routing incoming WhatsApp Chats to the correct team inbox in the Web1on1 platform. I can do this by asking some questions (e.g. Department/Brand) or by recognizing sentences and route directly.

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Why do you need a WhatsApp Dispatcher Bot?

We are all familiar with WhatsApp on private phones. With WhatsApp for Business, you are finally able to have multiple users from different departments handling WhatsApp chats. This is great, but also creates a new challenge.

How do you make sure that WhatsApp chats are routed to the right department/person automatically?

That’s why we invented the WhatsApp Dispatcher Bot.

The WhatsApp Dispatcher Bot will add the correct Location & Department to your customer and use this information to route chats automatically to the right inbox in the Web1on1 platform. This way, you can safely scale and use 1 WhatsApp for business account with your whole dealership. No matter how many locations and/or departments you have.



Want to see the WhatsApp Dispatcher Bot in action? Click on the videos below

Bot asking questions to route chat


Direct routing based on sales match Sentence


Direct routing based on Service match sentence


Want to activate your own WhatsApp Dispatcher Bot?

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