Live tracker: Covid-19 mentioned in Automotive Conversations


This graph shows in what percentage of chat conversations initiated on Car dealerships and Car Brands websites the word Corona, Covid or Virus is used. With over 9 million website visitors tracked monthly for Benelux, DACH and FR this Live Tracker is indicative for the conversational impact of Covid-19 on the Automotive Industry as a whole.

Conversations FAQ

This is what your visitors are asking (suggested content for your own FAQ´s):

  • We have an appointment for our new car, will this appointment remain or is the company closed?
  • I have an appointment on Saturday to get my car delivered to my home. Due to corona I think it’s best that i pick the car up myself?
  • Are the garages/ dealerships open due to Corona virus?
  • Is my delivery day/time impacted by the current situation?
  • Is my Service-appointment still on?
  • Tomorrow I have an appointment to view a car, is the dealer open or closed due to the virus?
  • What precautions do you take for Corona in the showroom / workshop?
  • I would like to reschedule my appointment. Is that possible?
  • Does the virus impact the production of the cars / are the factories closed?
  • Can the MOT (APK, TÜV) be postponed after the day it’s due? (Since the owner is in the group at risk)
  • I would like to reschedule my appointment. Is that possible?
  • Are test drives still possible? / Are current promotions extended? Because my test drive has been postponed and I want to order this car after seeing it in person.
  • With this current situation, is it possible to change my payment deadlines or even end my contract? (Regarding lease/financing contracts)

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