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A frictionless experience from appointment booking to payment with WhatsApp for car servicing.
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75% of consumers prefer messaging as a channel

That’s a stat which is hard to ignore. Today’s consumers prefer messaging over phone calls. So it’s no surprise that more and more dealerships are introducing automotive messaging as a channel for their customers. But just like implementing a phone system, adopting messaging is a process that requires mapping out to be successful.


How implementing WhatsApp Business resembles a phone system

Customer Journeys
Identify all the reasons customers may contact you via WhatsApp and ensure you’ve got flows mapped out for each as well as a handover process should you need to transfer the conversation.

If you have a phone system then chances are you have an IVR or telephone specialist to direct calls to the right department. The same can and should be set-up for messaging. Ensuring conversations are directed to the right person is vital.

Agent routing processes
What happens when the phone rings for 30 seconds with no answer? Does it forward to another colleague or keep ringing until someone answers? Call routing is one of the first steps you consider when implementing a phone system and messaging is no different.

Decide on where messages should go to when they come in and what should happen when they’re not picked up within a certain timeframe. And unlike a phone conversation where consumers will find themselves repeating their story each time they’re transferred, if they’ve messaged before you can set up previous conversations to also be routed to the newly assigned agent.

Agent training
By now everyone knows how to use a phone. It’s pretty straightforward. But as is the case with phone calls, there are tried and tested ways to deliver great digital conversations to your customers. Understand the full capabilities of your automotive messaging platform and design the conversation techniques you want your team to adopt. Ensure you follow the messaging best practices to get the most from your messaging channel.

Your phone system is most likely linked to your CRM for client recognition and communication logging. To deliver a seamless conversational experience your messaging platform should be integrated with the relevant business tools.

Service Levels
Your customers expect a certain level of service when they phone into your dealership. Anticipate the same when it comes to WhatsApp and agree on the right service levels for your new contact channel.


What you can do with conversational car servicing

From scheduling a service through to repair approvals and payment collection. The whole car servicing experience can be delivered via conversation.



The benefits of WhatsApp for dealers

• Engage customers on the platforms they want
• Reduce back and forth phone calls
• Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Faster repair approval
• Send vehicle images and videos in addition to updates
• Faster customer response times


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