Earn money as a Messaging Agent

Hi, and welcome from Team Web1on1,

Interested in making money and learning valuable life skills? Join Web1on1 as an Automotive Messaging Agent!
This page is addressed to you to inform you about the steps you need to take to qualify as an Automotive Messaging Agent.
First things first. Why is this page in English?
While our Learning Environment and Guidance are in your native language, we do require a basic understanding of the English language.

What is the job about?

You will help people make their choice in buying or leasing cars, and support them in after sales processes.
We will teach you everything you need to know to do this well.
You will work in shifts (3-4 hours) during our service hours (7 days a week from 08:00 – 24:00).
You can work at times that fit you!

The Qualification process:

  1. Apply by clicking the ‘Start onboarding’ button below
  2. Sign privacy statement (5 min. via provided link)
  3. Watch a recorded session to get an impression of the work (30 min)
  4. Follow our Messaging Academy (6 hours average)
  5. Dry Run Session (2,5 hour)
  6. 2 (Guided) Practice Sessions (Live Messaging with and without guidance)
  7. Go – No Go decision
  8. Gather Skill Points (during live sessions)
  9. Succeeded? Great! Welcome onboard! We will pay you a lump sum and send you an employment contract

When to apply?

  • Are a Dutch, German (living in DE or NL) or French (living in NL) citizen
  • Are a fast learner
  • Have great communication skills
  • Enjoy to help car buyers and users succeed

When not to apply?

  • Have insufficient typing skills
  • Are having difficulty empathizing with people
  • Have no affinity with commercial activities

Sounds good? Let’s get you signed on!

But before you do, let’s get organised:

  1. Do a typing test and make a screenshot of the result*
  2. Phone in arm’s length?
  3. Do you have a Gmail account? (if not create one)
  4. Take a picture of your ID, you need to upload it.

*typing test links:
NL: https://bit.ly/3acSHxw
DE: https://bit.ly/38hg33I
FR: https://bit.ly/2TexSMj

Your application will be handled by Webster, our Virtual Assistant. He will appear, once you clicked the ‘Start onboarding’ button, in a different window in the bottom right corner of this website.

He will be handling your application in a conversational way. When you’re done, one of our recruiters will review your application.