An innovative solution to relieve your phone lines and reduce your clients waiting time

From calls to chat

No phone menus, no queues. Callers can skip them when you offer the option of moving the conversation to chat. You’ll raise customer satisfaction and lower your costs.

Let customers communicate on their channel of choice

With call-to-message, customers who ring you can choose to take the conversation straight to messaging. Your automated phone system (IVR)’s welcome greeting will give them the option of leaving the queue and communicating via chat.

Relevance in customer service over time: phone and email communication versus messaging.

Maximise productivity and cut costs

Call-to-message takes pressure off your contact centre staff. One employee can only handle one call at a time. With messaging software, you can carry on multiple conversations at once.

And it gives you an edge because you’re communicating with customers in their preferred manner. Did you know that 98% of text messages are read within two minutes of receipt? Or that 50% of consumers make a direct purchase after a brand texts them?

Get call-to-message in four easy steps


We install your dedicated text number


You choose from our voice messages or provide three recordings of your own


We configure the call-to-message route in our Platform™


You configure the call routing in your phone system (IVR)

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