Lead pre-qualification

Follow up and qualify sales leads in real time

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Turn MQLs into SQLs

As an automotive dealer or brand, you get leads from a range of sources: automotive portals, your website, online ads, live chat. In sales jargon, we call them Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Our customers tell us it’s a real challenge following up on all those leads quickly enough and in the right ways. Yet fast follow-up is crucial for success. The process of turning an MQL into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is both time-consuming and time-sensitive. Web1on1 can help.

Outsource your real-time follow-up

Web1on1 can help you to qualify incoming leads from all those different sources in real time. And after lead qualification, our automotive experts will engage in real-time conversations with your existing and potential customers.

We filter leads so your sales team only has to engage with qualified leads (SQLs). That saves you time and money and improves your conversion rates.

How it works


We make sure all your leads are directed to Web1on1’s system.


Every enquiry from an existing or potential customer gets a response within one minute, always in the form of a question. The answer determines the conversation’s direction.


From the initial question, we deepen the conversation and obtain more information straight away. This enables us to assess each lead for quality.


We send high-quality leads to your lead management or CRM system straight away.


From now on, your sales team will only engage with the best leads.