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Why join us?

  • Most organizations imply to be innovators, but how many really are allocating budget, allowing room for errors, to back up this claim?
  • We are technology- and thought leaders in the messaging-field. Attracting clients and projects for cutting-edge messaging services.
  • Web1on1 is servicing A-level Brands. Currently in The Netherlands, Belgium, DACH-area and France. We want to be a Pan-European company. It is exciting to be a part of this adventure.
  • Last but not least. We are independent, self-funded (autonomous) and growing fast. This allows us to make our own decisions and choose our own path. We value this since we value freedom (collectively and individually).

The courting process

Joining a new team is a big decision. It impacts your future in many ways. Looking back and concluding it did not work out is a waste of time in your and our growth path. This is what we hope to avoid in following a strict procedure. Typically our hiring process consists of the following steps:

  1. Phone interview
  2. Online test: practical work based problem solving skills
  3. Face to face talks with team members
  4. Assessment
  5. Terms and conditions agreement
  6. 2/3-day in-company trail
  7. Go / No go decision
  8. Onboarding:
    – Self management
    – Stress-free productivity training

Our values

  • We are powered by our people
  • We delight our customers
  • We make it happen
  • We are always learning
  • We are one team

The future lies in flexible work patterns

Our new colleague asked to work from home …. Then she started to tell me the reason. I told her “No need to apologize and I don’t need to know the details.”

We do not pay for seat warmers. Come to the office fine. 9 to 5? Fine. Work from home. Fine. Work from the garage while they fix your car? Fine. We don’t need to know you will be late because of a doctor’s appointment, or you are leaving early to attend a personal matter. Everybody works at a different pace. You choose how to get your work done. It’s sad how we have infantilized the workplace so much, that employees feel the need to apologize for having personal lives. We are no clock watchers. We trust you to get your job done. Keep clients happy. We are happy.