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The All-in Automotive Messaging Software connecting Dealerships and their customers

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It does Live Chat, WhatsApp, Video meet, Chatbots and more.

Everything you need to make connecting with your dealership as seamless as driving a new car.

Over 2000 dealerships, brands & service centers are All-in with Web1on1_

Turn your team’s “what ifs” into reality

“What if… our website conversion rate was doubled or tripled?”

With Live Chat and Whatsapp on your website, you can identify and engage with your hottest prospects in real-time. Converting more visitors into conversations, leads and ultimately customers.

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Message with your customers via their channel of choice all within one platform. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email and more

“What if … we could text our customers rather than back and forth calls and emails?”

Web1on1 supports conversations on the most popular communication channels so you can convert car buyers into qualified opportunities whether they’re on your site or not.

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“What if ad campaigns could turn into leads, faster”

With the simple addition of QR codes that integrate into Web1on1’s messaging platform you can shorten the path to leads by turning your billboards, brochures and even TV ads into conversation starters.

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Use QR codes to integrate with Web1on1's messaging platform and turn your advertisements into valuable leads
Manage payments easily within the conversation

“What if our service invoices were paid before pick-up”

Messaging with Web1on1 incorporates invoicing into your conversational experiences with in-app payments and speeds up the time it takes to get repairs approved and paid for. So your customers can pay invoices directly from their phone rather than in person at the point of collection.

About WhatsApp

“What if … we could improve the service booking experience?”

Web1on1 enables you to do away with friction-filled booking experiences and empower customers to book their vehicles in for a service conversationally.

Whether on your website or via their favourite messaging channels, with a messaging-first approach customers can pick a slot that works with them and book themselves directly into your workshop’s planner with ease.

Service Messaging

Integrate your calendar and let customers book in appointments themselves smoothly

Excel at remote car selling with Web1on1

Learn more about how Web1on1 can equip you with all the tools you need to continue growing sales and connect with customers face-to-face, virtually.

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Are you ready to go All-In?

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All-In Messaging isn’t a technology stack or a feature list. It’s a philosophy. It’s holistic as opposed to fragmented. Think conversational dealership rather than just live chat or WhatsApp for business. It’s a way of optimizing ALL of your processes and funnels, not just some. It’s customer focused and it’s collaborative.

All-In Messaging future-proofs your dealership so you can delight tomorrow’s customers as well as today’s with a better and more efficient experience.

Discover why Europe’s biggest dealerships use Web1on1_

Fett & Wirtz Automobile
Thomas Metzke

“The visitor feels well tended to, and has their first questions answered even before having to call or write an email”

Autohaus Oppel
Susanne Oppel

“We can get in contact with customers that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach ourselves. We’re very happy with the system”

Autohaus Merten
Jens Merten

“I wouldn’t have thought so many customers use the chat. Summary: many benefits – little effort – fun to use!”

See automotive messaging in action 👇

GLC 220 d 4MATIC Exclusive + LED + Navi

Purchase price (gross, VAT declared)
£ 37.499,00

Vehicle type SUV
First registration date 06/2018
KM’s driven (Mileage) 18.665 km
Fuel type Diesel
Power 125 kW (170 HP)
Transmission Automatic
Request vehicleCallTest driveWhatsAppRate your vehicle for free

“Our customers report that Web1on1 routinely out-perform other portals, converting more than 20% of our leads into cars sold”

Are you ready to go All-In on messaging and take your dealership to the next level?

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