Maximise your dealership’s productivity with Call-to-Message

Cut the costs associated with running a contact centre and carry out multiple conversations at once by diverting calls into live chat or WhatsApp conversations.

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Send notifications, promotions, follow-up messages and appointment reminders via messaging channels like WhatsApp and achieve 95% open rates
Easily transfer incoming calls to messaging

A savvy way to reduce costs and speed up your customer experience

Let customers contact you on their channel of choice

With Call-to-Message customers who ring you can choose to take the conversation straight to messaging. So they spend less time on hold and benefit from communicating with you on their preferred channel.

Direct phone calls to your customers' favorite channel
Transferring a call to messaging via WhatsApp

Run a more productive and efficient operation

When you rely on calls as a communication channel one team member handles one call at a time. Call-to-Message enables you to carry out multiple conversations at the same time. So you can run a more productive and cost efficient dealership. Especially during busy times.

Unlock cost savings and efficiency with 4 easy steps

  1. We install your dedicated text number
  2. You choose from our voice messages or provide three recordings of your own
  3. We configure the call-to-message route in our platform
  4. You configure the call routing in your phone system (IVR)

Join over 2000 dealerships & service centres who are All-in on messaging with Web1on1

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