Start with a WhatsApp Appointment Reminder…

Replace SMS and Email by WhatsApp for your service appointment reminders, and start communicating with your clients in their favorite way: Messaging. 

… and get the perks of Aftersales Messaging

Approve more work for service easily with messaging
Manage payments easily within the conversation

In-service Messaging

Keep customers up-to-date on their vehicle’s status via WhatsApp, but also share repair quotations, collect approvals, propose upsells…

Online payments and invoices

Go the extra mile and send your client their invoice in a PDF format with an online payment link.

Pick up notifications

Create a smooth car pick-up process using automated “car is ready” messaging notifications.

Aftersales Messaging Dashboard

Drive your whole workshop funnel and trigger the right notification at the right time.

Integrates with your Workshop planning system

Simple is better. Just connect Web1on1 with your existing workshop planning system to benefit from WhatsApp’s notifications and messaging features.

Ready to deliver the WhatsApp workshop experience?

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More benefits of WhatsApp Business for After Sales conversations

Features / Tools Phone Email SMS WhatsApp  Messaging with Web1on1
Integrated with your workshop software
Automated notifications
Team collaboration
Share pictures & documents
Customer engagement
Collect payments
Cost per interaction $$$ $$ $$ $
Client response time Uncertain Slow Fast Fast

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

Each Appointment Reminder sent will cost 1 Chatpointi
Additional WhatsApp Business fees may apply (1000 WhatsApp conversations per month are included in your Web1on1 plan)i

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(Existing clients) How can I set it up?

These articles will help you set up the WhatsApp Service Appointment Reminder Bot.
The following tools are currently available:

Can I test it with one of my locations?

Yes, it’s possible to try it out with one or multiple locations.

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