Conversational car servicing_

Servicing starts and ends with a conversation.

Today’s consumers prefer messaging over all other forms of communication.

That’s why car servicing needs to be conversational.
Our Automotive Messaging Platform™ automates service appointments, scheduling and reminders and lets you quickly and easily share information and get repair approvals from customers.

Two-way, DMS-integrated service messaging

DMS integration and automation make the system easy for advisors to use, and customers love the convenience.

Plan-it (Werkplaats)




Websolve Lead Manager






Drivers want to connect with you, whenever it fits them, through their favorite app

With Web1on1 Messaging, you will see gains in efficiency with faster repair turnaround times, growth in service revenue with greater repair work approval rates and improved Customer Satisfaction.

  • 9/10 of consumers opt-in for messaging
  • Repair requests approved within 5 minutes
  • Reduce Phone calls by 35%

Messaging will change the way you conduct business

  • Service appointment booking
  • Two-way communication between service coordinator and driver
  • Image and video sharing
  • Faster repair approval
  • Invoice sharing
  • Mobile payment request

Mileage is 60.000. Can anyone tell me what to expect from this service-interval?”

This is what you can do with Web1on1 Messenger

  • Send Appointment Reminders
  • Send status updates
  • Request repair approvals
  • Send and receive videos and pictures
  • Vehicle Ready Text
  • Mobile or Online Payment Request
  • CSI Survey Text
  • Service Reminder

WhatsApp Business for dealerships

The wait is over. WhatsApp is now open for business-to-consumer messaging.

Boost your Automotive Messaging Platform™ by adding WhatsApp now, so your team (and Web1on1 agents) can respond to customers and leads around the clock.

Easy car drop-off

Sunday afternoon, 4.00 pm. A couple’s car has to be at the garage tomorrow morning for servicing. They’re wondering if they can drop off the car that evening after visiting their family. They open the WhatsApp conversation in which they booked the appointment:

It’s super-easy for the agent to access all previous information provided by the customer. This way the customer doesn’t have to repeat any details.

This information is captured in your company knowledge base. All information, like special offers and campaigns, is presented to agents proactively. At the same time, it’s a database that’s as easy to search as Google.