WhatsApp with consumers the scalable way

Generate more leads, speed up your sales process and reduce calls to your service department with WhatsApp for dealerships.

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Join over 2000 dealerships and brands who are WhatsApping their customers with Web1on1

Futureproof your dealership by engaging consumers via their favourite messaging app

Generate more leads from your mobile website visitors

Increase your mobile conversation rates by adding a WhatsApp button to every vehicle page and give car buyers an easier way to connect with your dealership.

Increase your leads by using WhatsApp
Approve more work for service easily with messaging

Reduce the number of phone calls into your service department

Invite customers to be kept up to date on their vehicle’s repair and status through WhatsApp and save both your team and customers from back and forth calls.

Be heard by more customers

With 95% open rates on WhatsApp messages sent, WhatsApp Business ensures your dealership gets noticed by more people while still giving customers the ability to contact you on a channel that’s convenient for them.

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Manage payments easily within the conversation

Speed up repair approvals and invoice payments

Incorporate WhatsApp conversations into your servicing workflow and speed up the time it takes to get repairs approved and paid for.

Use more than just words

Keep customers up-to-date on their vehicle and bring your updates to life by utilising WhatsApp ability to send video and pictures.

Use Whatsapp to reach customers. For marketing campaigns, car sales or servicing, brought together in one platform
Multiple people joined the conversation

Share & route conversations

WhatsApp Business together with Web1on1 allows you to hand over conversations across teams. No more isolated conversations or dependency on a single person.

Become a Conversational Dealership with WhatsApp for Business

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Start WhatsApping drivers the right way today

Join over 2000 dealerships who are WhatsApping their customers with Web1on1.

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