Written specifically for dealerships and service centres. This ebook equips you with knowledge and tips you need to scale customer communication, deliver personalized experiences and optimise operations with WhatsApp.

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About this book

WhatsApp has grown to become the most popular channel to communicate today. Making it difficult for businesses to not consider introducing it into their customer communication mix. But the truth is many dealerships have struggled to adopt it.


Because there’s no blueprint on how to get started and implement it into both your sales and aftersales processes efficiently. Until now.

In this Ebook we’ll share the how, why, where and when about WhatsApp business so you’ve got all the information you need to confidently add WhatsApp to your customer toolkit.

What to expect inside

  • Why you should be considering WhatsApp as your go to communication channel in 2023
  • Which of the 3 WhatsApp solutions are right for your business (yes, there’s 3!)
  • How WhatsApp can help generate more engaged, context-rich and qualified leads from your website and portal
  • How WhatsApp can be used to optimise in-service communications and streamline the aftersales experience

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Find out everything you need to know about WhatsApp. No generic business fluff or vague examples. Just insights, tips and guides specifically for dealerships.