Introducing Web1on1’s Automotive Messenger

Messaging platform features

Discover the many features available in the Web1on1 Automotive messaging platform in the videos below

Website Search Feature

Agent Aiding System

1 on 1 conversations with WhatsApp Business

Merge conversations from the same contact

Transfer conversations to partners

Transfer conversations to partners with agents

Messaging platform informational content

See below how the Web1on1 Automotive Messaging Platform can help you solve your challenges

Video Assistance – Multimedia Support

A multichannel 360 degrees client view

Use video meet for client appointments

Stop using forms, start using chatbots

Answer conversations from your mobile phone

Why do car shoppers appreciate live chat?

Why add WhatsApp buttons to your car pages?

Send quotes and receive approvals via Whatsapp

Avoid queues by sending payment links upfront via WhatsApp

1 on 1 conversations with WhatsApp Business

Service Appointment Reminders

Read receipts