Introducing Web1on1’s Automotive Messenger

Messaging platform features

Discover the many features available in the Web1on1 Automotive messaging platform in the videos below

Website search

Easily find information on your website within the AMP by entering search terms

Agent Aiding System

Pushes relevant information to your agents depending on certain situations

1 on 1 conversations with WhatsApp Business

Talk to your customers and prospects via a WhatsApp Business integration

Merging conversations of the same contact

Merge previously held conversations with contacts based on their contact details

Transferring conversations to partners

How a chat is transferred from the brand’s website to one of their dealers

Transferring conversations to partners with agents

How a contact can choose to be transferred to an agent of a brand’s dealer

Messaging platform informational content

See below how the Web1on1 Automotive Messaging Platform can help you solve your challenges

Switch to video call for multimedia support

Help your customers more easily by switching from phone call to video call

A 360 degree multichannel client view

Regardless how your customer contacts you, it’s all easily managed within the AMP

Use video meet for client appointments

Get your showroom to your customer’s living room from the comfort of their own couch

Stop using webforms, start using chatbots

Our chatbots are the solution to your poorly converting webforms

Answering conversations from your mobile phone

Whether you’re at your desk or on the move: talk to your customers via desktop or your mobile phone

Why do car shoppers appreciate live chat?

Lowering the threshold for prospects to contact your dealership for questions about a car

Why you should add WhatsApp to your vehicle detail pages

Making it easy for prospects to connect to you via WhatsApp on the most important page

Send quotes and service approvals via Whatsapp

Quickly get approval on additional work and send your quotes via WhatsApp

Send payment links upfront via WhatsApp

No more queues at the counter: your customers can just pay you via WhatsApp

1 on 1 conversations with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp with your customers GDPR proof

Service appointment reminders

Automatically send out reminders to your customers about their upcoming service appointment

Read receipts

Know when your message has been read