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I will increase the conversion rates of your appointments. Booking test drives, showroom visits or video calls around the clock, I’ll supply your sales team with more high-quality leads than without my help 😉

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Get more car buyers from website to showroom using appointment bots by Web1on1

Booking a test drive or showroom visit or taking part in a real-time video call should be as exciting as the drive and appointment itself and now it can be with the Web1on1 appointment bots.


Deliver a frictionless experience

Maintain the car buyer’s excitement of discovering their potential dream car by replacing the hurdle of forms with an engaging bot that gets them closer to sitting in the driver seat. We have three bots that do just that – our

  • Test drive Appointment bot
  • Showroom Appointment bot
  • Video Call Booking bot

Each bot can be activated/deactivated separately for your own convenience.


Boost your conversion rates

With forms, your website runs the high chance of car buyers dropping off when faced with filling them out. Replacing your forms with a mobile-friendly appointment bot can lead to more than 50% net new leads and more buyers going from website to showroom.


Capture more of your mobile traffic

At least half of all car buyers start their journey on your mobile site. Don’t rely on ineffective mobile web forms to convert them. Web1on1’s appointment bots work perfectly on mobile, so you can turn more of your website traffic into qualified leads.


Book test drives outside your website

Whether you use email campaigns, SMS, WhatsApp or outdoor billboards with QR codes to promote new cars and deals, you can connect the appointment bots to each channel and convert more of your audience into leads.


There’s always a human safety net

The plug-and-play appointment bots work on the same platform you use for your automotive messaging so either your team or ours are always there as a fallback should someone need a friendly human to jump in.


Capture buyer intent no matter what time it is

Make booking appointments easier than ever and boost your car page’s conversion rates with an appointment bot that’s always available.

You can find our appointment bots & documentation on how to activate them in the botstore in your messaging platform.

Look for:

• Test drive Appointment

• Showroom Appointment

• Video Call Booking

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