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Last Updated : January 14, 2021 — Sales

The difference between a good lead and a bad lead is the time and money you waste chasing bad leads. Deliver quality leads for your sales team with Messaging for lead qualifications. I want to explore messaging qualified leads.


M is for messaging

Most dealers today send their sales teams Marketing Qualified Leads (aka MQLs). These are typically leads where the prospect has converted by clicking on a Call-to-Action and providing a few basic details. The bare minimum.

The problem? Your sales team ends up spending valuable time going back and forth, following-up and pulling relevant information and context from the lead… if they’re able to get a hold of them in the first place.

With traditional MQLs your sales team are fighting an uphill battle before they’ve even begun. Leading to a lack of motivation and ultimately an unhappy sales team.

It’s time to change the game with Messaging qualified Leads. Conversations are the most powerful sales and marketing tool your team has. In a world where buyers expect to be able to connect with businesses instantly and hate filling out forms, some of your best leads inevitably end up slipping through the cracks.

With the messaging qualified leads, you can put conversations back at the center of sales and marketing. And instead of drowning your sales team with bad leads that have little to no context, You’ll be able to identify your best leads and set your sales team up for success. Allowing them to do what they do best – close.


Boost your qualified leads

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Messaging Qualified Leads vs Traditional Marketing Leads

Messaging Qualified Leads Traditional Marketing Leads
As much context as you choose to extract during the conversations Context Little to no context on the prospects needs
Higher buying intent Buying Intent Little buying intent – most likely shopping around a number of dealers
Instantly able to engage prospects with automated conversations or a live human and then escalate to a sales rep when qualified Response times Typically a 24-72 hour turnaround
Highly engaged Level of engagement Little to no engagement besides short time spent on site filling out webform
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Messaging Qualified Leads for dealers

Context-rich leads
With messaging qualified leads your sales team will have all the information and context they need to identify high-intent leads and reach out with confidence.

Pre-qualified for your sales team
Pre-qualify the enquiries coming in via your website and turn previously vague leads into high intent opportunities.

Leads with higher buying intent
Did you know the average messaging qualified lead is engaged in a conversation for 24 minutes? They’re also 5-15x more likely to turn into sales opportunities.

Real-time responses rates
With real-time messaging, gone are the days of submitting a web form and waiting up to 72 hours (or longer!) for a response. With automotive messaging you can engage prospects in real time and qualify them before they’ve had a chance to engage another dealer.

Scale with automation
Scale the power of conversations with AI powered bots and turn more of your visitors into messaging qualified leads.


Save time & money with Messaging Qualified Leads for your dealership

I want to explore messaging qualified leads

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