Your all-in-one messaging inbox

Web1on1’s automotive messaging platforms brings all your customer communications together into one multi-channel inbox so you can build customer loyalty, streamline your dealership’s processes, and help your entire team communicate with car buyers and customers efficiently.

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All channels that your customers use are combined together within one messaging platform
An automotive messaging platform connects you with customers via live chat, WhatsApp, Email, SMS and Messenger

Be on every app from one platform

Message customers via Live Chat, WhatsApp, Email, FB Messenger and the other apps they use all within one messaging inbox.

Keep the conversation flowing

Live chat is session based, every conversation has a start and an end. But just as we’re used to with Whatsapp, conversations should be a continuous stream of messages. And with Web1on1 they are. Independent of the channel a customer or agent is using. Making switching from channel to channel seamless.

Get continuous relevant information about your customer while having a conversation with him at the same time

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Using canned responses

Save time on repetitive messages

Avoid writing the same thing over and over again by quickly saving regularly sent responses as canned responses for your team to reuse in future conversations so you can increase your team’s efficiency.

All the information your team needs within eyesight

Flipping between tabs and platforms to find the information you need to help a customer can add up to a lot of valuable time wasted. Web1on1’s built-in Duo Message stream gives you two conversations side by side in real-time. One with your customer and one about the conversation where integrations, bots, and team members can provide the information you need when you need it.

Connect customer information in the AMP with your own systems
Multiple people joined the conversation

Work together, no matter how you work

Web1on1’s automotive messenger enables your dealership to bring the right people and information together in one app. Whether you want to share ideas, support customers, make decisions or move sales forward efficiently, your multi-channel is a flexible space for your entire team to collaborate.

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