6 facts that will make you move from email to messaging_

Last Updated : December 9, 2020 — Sales

Spoiler alert: consumers prefer messaging over email for the same reasons we don’t (really) like emails outside of work. Explore how you can adopt messaging.


The hard truth about emails

In the early days of email, receiving an email was like receiving a birthday card. You open and read each one. Open rates over 85% were also the norm. But that was the 90s. Before Spam was a thing and marketers didn’t ruin the email experience with all the campaigns. And while dealerships still opt for email as their go-to communication channel, consumers are opening less and less of them each day. In a nutshell, sticking with email over messaging is costing you money!


Here’s why:
Fact #1 Only 20,9% of the emails you send are getting opened.
Fact #2 70% of those that do open your email only want to see a discount or offer
Fact #3 Nearly 50% of the emails car buyers receive are spam leading them to open fewer emails that are clearly sent from businesses
Fact #4 Most consumers decide to read an email or not based on the subject line
Fact #5 If your email isn’t opened in the first hour the open rate drops to 5%
Fact #6 After 24 hours open rate drops to 1%



Why your consumers want you to adopt messaging

Today’s consumers prefer messaging over the traditional channels you use by a staggering 70%. And as millennials and Gen Z’s start making up more of the car buying market that statistic will only rise.

• 98% of SMS & whatsapp messages opened leading to move conversions from those messages

• 98% of car buyers who used messaging said it improved their experience with the dealership

• 95% of messages opened in the first 3 minutes

• 90% of those planning to buy a car said they’re more likely to buy from a business that offers messaging


How your dealership benefits from messaging

• Increased conversion rates

• Increased engagement

• Higher customer satisfaction

• Better customer experience


Drive more revenue for your dealership today with a messaging first approach

Speak with an automotive messaging specialist.

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