3 Use-cases: Messaging helping dealers with staff shortages

Last Updated : July 29, 2022 — Sales

While the automotive industry is slowly recovering from the effects of COVID-19, a new issue is facing dealerships – labour shortages. To help you cope with this challenge, Web1on1 has compiled three use-cases on how messaging can help mitigate the negative impact on dealerships.




1. Add additional selling channels that look after themselves

Social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger are quick and simple ways for customers to contact you. And to limit the impact on your team, Web1on1 can handle those channels for you. A smart mix of chatbots and live agents will do the qualification work for you, so that your team only needs to follow up on the best leads.

The result: more and better leads for your sales team to focus on what they do best: selling, instead of chasing!

Read the use-case

2. Use chatbots to automate sales appointments

Booking a test drive or showroom visit should not take up your teams’ precious time. Web1on1 appointment bots are a cost-effective way to do that for you, 24/7, and they can connect to any of your messaging live chat or social channels.

The result: More sales appointments around the clock, and ultimately, more sales.

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3. Use WhatsApp for aftersales to overcome the phone line bottleneck

The Web1on1 Aftersales Hub has been created specifically to optimise your workshop processes with a series of features:

  • WhatsApp Service Appointment Reminder
  • In-service messaging
  • Online quotes approval and payments
  • “Pick-up” notification when your customer’s car is ready
  • Aftersales dashboard to manage customer communication

Read the case-study with a Web1on1 pilot client



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